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Vladimir Ivankovic – We respect every team we play against

Vladimir Ivankovic – We respect every team we play against

Kalmar Saints har inlett säsongen på bästa möjliga sätt med sina fem av fem möjliga vinster och nu när serien pausats tar vi chansen att lära känna mannen bakom laget lite bättre, vem är egentligen Kalmars Head coach Vladimir Ivankovic?

Vladimir föddes i Zagreb, Kroatien och har 29 års erfarenhet av coaching på alla möjliga nivåer och olika länder – från basketskola till Euroleague-lag och han har vunnit “Årets coach” inte mindre än fyra gånger(!). Innan han kom till Sverige och Kalmar coachade han BK Vllazia i Albanska Superligan (Albanian Basketball Superleague), men har familjen på Island där han säsongen 18/19 coachade UMF Snaefell.

Before coming to Kalmar at end of July 2020 to take over the head coaching job in Kalmar Saints, I was in Sweden only ones – in June 2018 in Stockholm, for few days, bussines trip. However, I spent my last two years in Iceland, which is, as you know, an Nordic country. So, I expected something similar in Sweden… Well, no. I came to Kalmar, and what I got is a almost Mediteranean city. So, my adaption to Sweden was smooth. Moreover, people in and around the club, as well as my players, made this transition even easier then expected.

Since I signed a contract with Kalmar, I started to watch games from last season to try to know as much as possible about the league and opponents. When we started with preparations, more games were available on line, but preparation games are one thing, and competition games are something completly different. When the league started, I learn the fact very quickly – Superettan is very intensive and competitive league, and in every team is capable to win – it doesnt matter if first plays against last on standings, every game asks for complete focus and determination. Coaches are using the different tactics and strategies, which force me to be on my best in every game, in order to help my team to achive win.

I am blessed with great group of players, which make my tasks easier. I believe we complement each other well. At the moment we are 5-0, and we belived we could be 7-0 if we had a chance to play games last weekend. But, some games can give you wrong impression that those games were easy – when you win by 25 or 30 points. But behind those wins is hard work, energy and dedication of my players – we didnt have bad practice since we start. We play on the way we practice. We study our opponents very careful, we try to understand their way of play, their strong and weak side and we try to use it. All teams we played against, or we prepared but didnt have chance to play because of the pause, play great basketball, with different offensive and defensive tactics, which basicaly forced us to work hard and be better on every practice.

So far, and I am glad about that, my players pick up things really fast, they understand what I ask from them and they are doing their best to fullfil it. We respect every team we play against, we respect every team and coach in this league, and I guess this is one of the reasons of our early success.
– Vladimir Ivankovic

Prestationer genom åren

Coach of the year – 2012, 2013 (Croatia), 2016 (Austria), 2017 (Croatia)
Croatian Champion – 2013
Croatian Cup Winner – 2013, 2014
Croatian U-16 champion – 1995, 2012, 2013
Croatian regular season champion – 2014
Croatian 2nd division champion 2010, 2017
Croatian league regular season runner-up – 2012, 13
Croatian Cup finalist – 2012
Croatian Cup semifinalist – 2010, 2011
Croatian 2nd division regular season runner-up – 2002, 2017
Croatian league 3rd place – 2011
Croatian U-18 vice-champion – 2013, 14
Croatian U-16 champion – 2012, 2013
Croatian bball school championship vice-champion 1997, 1999
Croatian bball school championship bronze medalist 1998
Austrian Cup Winner – 2016
Austrian-Slovakian WBL Champion – 2016
Austrian WBL Champion – 2016
Icelandic Cup Final four (w) – 2019
Icelandic Championship semifinalist (w)– 2019
Icelandic U16 Cup semifinalist (m) – 2019
Icelandic U18 Championship semifinalist (m) – 2019
Albanian Chapionship 2nd place (m) – 2020
Central European league vice champion – 2016
Middle European league semifinalist – 2014
Euroleague, group phase – 2012/13, 2013/2014
Eurocup – 2010/11; 2015-16
Croatian NT coach – 2014, resigned cos of family reasons
Croatian U16 NT assistant coach – 1993-94